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Roofing Insurance Detroit – What Coverage Do You Need?

Naturally your business may have unique needs for commercial roofing insurance and our licensed agents are available to discuss those needs with you 7 days per week online and by telephone Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM.

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The most common type of coverage we are requested to quote and issue for roofing liability insurance in Detroit is General Liability Insurance.

What is General Liability Insurance? 

Note how one insurance company answers this question:

We will pay those sums that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of “bodily injury” or “property damage” to which this insurance applies.

So if your business causes injury or property damage to another party your policy will pay, but there is a qualification event when it expresses: to which this insurance applies.

This initial sentence conveys that there are conditions that must be met for coverage to apply.

We will examine this in a future article to discuss how Roofing General Liability Insurance may not apply.

The next sentence also conveys that the insurance company can provide an additional benefit not listed in the declaration amount of coverage:

We will have the right and duty to defend the insured against any “suit” seeking those damages.

“Suit” is short for a lawsuit or litigation filed against you or your company.

In other words the insurance company will provide your company an attorney to defend you against any filed lawsuits as long as you meet the qualification event as we discussed above, to which the insurance applies.

In our next article we will discuss why insurance companies provide attorneys to policyholders who are sued.

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