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Because we are roofing insurance specialists not only do we represent a number of carriers offering commercial insurance for roofers but we can help you find the coverage you need no matter if you are a subcontractor or the owner of a roofing construction firm with many employees.

Do you only work on commercial buildings, flat roofs, or are you exclusively working residential?

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What Type of Roofing Contractors Insurance Do You Need For Your Business?

It really depends on the size and scope of your business. For instance if you are a subcontractor the general contractor will likely require you to have roofing general liability insurance in addition to naming them as an additional insured on your liability policy.

But is that the only type of coverage you would need?

Probably not.  For example the roofing general liability insurance policy will not extend coverage for loss to equipment or tools that you own. (And a number of other claim events)

Claim example: Nail It Right Roofing Company is working in the Thorton Grove subdivision in Detroit and someone steals six nail guns, two air compressors, one generator, two ladders, and five sets of safety gear.

The owner of Nail It Right Roofing files a claim under his roofing general liability insurance policy only to discover within a matter of minutes that he was not covered for theft of tools and equipment on the liability policy.

The owner of Nail It Right Roofing is out more than $5000 because of the theft.

Using your personal vehicle in your roofing business can also prove to be problematic.

Roofing Contractors Insurance – Don’t Forget About Commercial Auto Insurance.

Commercial Insurance for RoofersIn addition to general liability insurance, coverage for your tools and equipment it is likely you may also need to purchase commercial auto insurance.

Claims example: J&J Roofing was founded by two brothers by the name of John and James in the spring of 2013. They purchase general liability insurance and coverage for their tools and equipment, but they failed to purchase commercial auto insurance.

They have three employees using three vehicles insured on John’s personal auto policy. One of their employees, named Steven Smith causes an accident after he was distracted by his girlfriend sending him a text message.

Steven runs a red light going 45 miles per hour and broad sides a small sedan driven by a Henry and Margaret Silverton coming home from the doctor’s office.

Unfortunately Henry dies after 2 days in a coma.  Margaret’s family hires an attorney and sues Steven and J&J Roofing for $3 million dollars.

Because J&J Roofing did not purchase business auto insurance for roofing, John’s personal auto policy denies the claim and so does their roofing general liability insurance policy.

They are forced to close their doors and file bankruptcy.

Commercial Insurance for Roofers – Workers Compensation Don’t Get Caught without It! 

If you thought commercial insurance for roofers was hard to find, roofers workers compensation insurance is even a bigger challenge.

Some roofing companies in their attempt to avoid purchasing roofers workers compensation insurance will classify employees as independent contractors and send them a 1099 or pay them under the table.

There are some inherent dangers in taking this step to you as the business owner.

First the IRS has laid out groundwork that specifies whether or not a person is an employee or an independent contractor.

Please note the IRS definition of an employee:

Under common-law rules, anyone who performs services for you is your employee if you can control what will be done and how it will be done. This is so even when you give the employee freedom of action. What matters is that you have the right to control the details of how the services are performed.  Click here to read the specific IRS definition.

Technically if your work crews are told where to show up and what time to show up the IRS may classify them as employees.

If your workers were classified as employees and they were injured on the job and you failed to purchase workers compensation insurance, you might be in some very hot water financially!

Also some states make it a criminal offense for a business to fail to purchase workers compensation insurance.  It would be a good idea to make sure that you are 100% in compliance with state workers comp laws.

There are a number of other important insurance coverage areas that you should investigate and information may be found on this website in our blog section so make sure to visit often.

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