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Roofing Contractors Insurance Houston Texas

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Roofing Contractors Insurance Houston Texas — What Is Covered by My Insurance? 

That’s a great question.  Some buying Texas Roofing Contractors Insurance are confused about exactly what is covered by their policies. 

As a business owner or manager, you do not want to be caught without the necessary insurance to cover unforeseen mishaps while at work. 

For this reason, we like to use coverage scenarios to better illustrate what is covered or not covered. 

If you recall in our last post, we learned about Jose Frankenburger, a supervisor for his father’s company Mighty Fine Roofing, Inc. 

Jose learned in his early years, from seeing the example of his Father, that it is better to treat your roofing crew right rather than micromanaging them or berating them when something goes wrong. So, he treats his crew to lunch on a regular basis. 

On a Tuesday afternoon, lunch is delivered to the job site as usual. Mike Waffler, one of Jose’s employees, accidentally left his nail gun sitting on the edge of a roof they were working on before he climbed down the ladder. 

Remember in our last account how we witnessed, as if in slow motion, Mike’s nail gun tumbling off the roof and smacking George right on top of his noggin – and worse – discharging a nail into his head?

Naturally, George is rushed to the hospital lickety-split. 

Roofing Contractors Insurance Houston Texas — Is George Okay? 

Fortunately, after being poked, prodded, and scanned while at the Daisy-Knoll Medical Clinic, George is found to only have sustained a shallow puncture to the side of his head and a super big knot on the top of his head where the nail gun made initial impact. 

The nail barely succeeded in grazing his scalp but it certainly looked worse to George’s fellow crewmates at the time, hence their 911 call.  “Why did he lose consciousness?” you may wonder.

Well, after the initial medical evaluation it was revealed that the nail gun did more to George than the nail wound! 

The front of the falling gun turned ever so slightly sideways first before it truly met with George’s thankfully thick cranium, which knocked him unconscious before discharging the nail into his head.


Apparently, George was standing in exactly the wrong spot at the wrong time; only a few inches to the left and the nail gun would have missed him completely! 

So, other than a large knot on the top of his head, a few stitches, and a killer headache, the doctors tell George that he is none the worse for wear and should be back to work in a couple days. 

Now for the next-most important question… 

Who’s responsible? 

It’s true that Mike Waffler, a fellow employee of Mighty Fine Roofing, Inc., accidentally left his nail gun sitting on the edge of a roof, leading to George’s accident. By the way, Mike was fired the next day by Jose to set an example. 

Should George sue Mike for his injuries that resulted from leaving the nail gun out, or will the insurance policy covering Mighty Fine Roofing, Inc. pay for George’s accident, hospital bills, and lost wages for two and a half days? 

It turns out that Mike, who is now looking for a new job, is not responsible; the Texas Workers Compensation Insurance Policy purchased by Jose’s father’s company would be responsible for paying the hospital bills and his lost wages. 

So, a Texas Workers Compensation Insurance Policy will pay in this case. 

Now you know! 

So if an employee covered by your Texas Workers Compensation Insurance is injured while on the job, your policy will pay. 

What would have happened if George wasn’t the person hit in the head by the nail gun? Instead, what if it was the burger delivery driver named Stanley that got hit in the noggin by the nail gun? 

Will the Texas Workers Compensation Insurance Policy covering Jose’s Father’s roofing company, Mighty Fine Roofing, Inc., foot the bill, too? 

Let’s address that question in our next issue. 

Roofing Contractors Insurance Houston Texas — Low, Low Rates! 

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