Workers Compensation Insurance Roofers

If you’re looking for workers compensation insurance for roofers contact Pathway Insurance at 1-800-998-0662.

Roofing workers compensation insurance is available in many states throughout the United States directly with our company or through our agency referral network.

You should be aware that workers compensation insurance in some states must be purchased directly with the state and may not be available through an insurance broker.

Why You May Be Required to Purchase Roofing Workers Compensation Insurance? 

In most cases it’s a requirement of state law.  Why are such laws in place?  The workplace is a very commonplace where employees can be injured.

The Roofers Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Policy is used to provide insurance coverage for a company’s statutory liability (coverage responsibility) under a Workers Compensation Act.

It usually involves paying for medical treatment and disability because of accidental injury that occurs during work with mandatory benefits provided to the injured employee. It may also handles lawsuits from injured workers that fall outside of the Acts.

The workers compensation insurance policy may also covers costs associated with disease or death that may be the ultimate result of the accident. If the employee’s injury does not qualify for compensation under the Workers Compensation Acts (or Occupational Disease Acts, if separate) the policy may provide defense to an employer who is sued by his employee, alleging negligence.

Don’t Avoid Purchasing Roofing Workers Compensation Insurance! 

Some roofing companies, to avoid paying for expensive workers compensation insurance, have taken the step to make all of their employees independent contractors.

Taking this step when your workers are really employees can lead to adverse consequences to your business.

The rule of thumb for whether or not the individual is an employee or a subcontractor is based on if you control the timing of when they complete roofing jobs.

If you require subcontractors to be on the job site at a certain time and day they may later be classified as employees despite you issuing 1099s.

This can lead to all sorts of financial trouble for your company.  It’s best to set up everything correctly from the beginning so as to avoid costly issues down the road. 

Call Us First when you need Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Roofers. 

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Our licensed agents can help you find coverage to comply with state law at the same time protecting your businesses financial assets.