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What You Don’t Know about Roofing Contractors Insurance in Michigan Can Hurt You Financially!

In a previous article we discussed exclusions of coverage. We learned that commercial general liability insurance for roofers have terms and conditions, and exclusions of coverage.

So another words your Michigan general liability insurance policy will not cover every possible claims event.

We discussed intentional acts as one of the exclusions of coverage.  A contractor named Harry ‘Hothead’ Henderson gets fed up with being micromanage by his customer, they get into a shouting match and Harry knocks the customer out and the customer sues for bodily injury.

His insurance company denies the claim because of a specific exclusion of coverage.

Additional Exclusions of Coverage in the Roofing General liability Insurance Policy.

It’s important to understand the exclusions of coverage in your Ann Arbor roofing insurance policy; otherwise you might be in for a big surprise at claims time.

Additionally you should be aware that exclusions of coverage can vary from company to company. Some of the exclusions of coverage may be very easy to understand such as the exclusion we discussed in reference to Harry ‘Hothead’ Henderson.

If you intentionally injure someone because you blow your top you can count on a claim denial from your insurance company not to mention a cancellation notice.

What happens if an employee working for your company is injured on the job?

Workers Compensation Insurance Exclusion. 

If you employee individuals who are injured on the job, workers compensation insurance will provide benefit to your injured employees so therefore the roofing general liability insurance policy excludes coverage for workers compensation.

Note how this is clarified in one policy:

Workers Compensation and Similar Laws.

Any obligation of the insured under a workers compensation, disability benefits or unemployment compensation law or any similar law.

What if the worker receives a claim’s denial from workers compensation insurance? Can the employee at that point seek coverage under the employer’s general liability insurance policy?

We will consider that in the next article.

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