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roofer dreamstime_m_50379901We provide commercial insurance coverage for all types of individuals or companies in the construction trade.

We have special programs particularly for roofing contractors insurance in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida directly and in the remaining 43 states through our referral network.

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What Type of Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

General Liability – This coverage protects your business or yourself personally (if you are a sole proprietor) from property damage or bodily injury that your business becomes legally liable for. 

Example: You offer a bid to replace a roof on a local apartment building complex. Your bid is accepted and you plan to begin working on the apartment building complex the following week.

You order and place your three tab shingles in a convenient position on top of the roof and plan to return the next day with you and your crew. That evening a storm rolls through the area causing your shingles to break loose and fly all over the parking lot damaging 13 cars.

The apartment building complex files a claim on your general liability insurance and your company pays $27,000 in damages.

Workers Compensation Insurance – The state of Indiana requires most businesses to have worker’s compensation insurance unless you qualify for an exemption. If an employee or independent contractor later classified an employee is injured while working in your behalf, they may collect workers’ compensation benefits.

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Coverage for Tools and Other Business Property– Your tools, equipment, or material used on the job site can be protected by purchasing contractor’s tools or a separate policy. Please note any type of mobile equipment that leaves your established business location, such as excavation equipment, bobcats etc. must be covered under an inland Marine insurance policy.

In our next post we will discuss additional coverage that may be applicable if you are a roofing contractor.

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